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BCA Senior Year Events

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Senior Year is a very special year at BCA. Let's make sure that our well-deserving kids will be able to enjoy not only their last year of classes, internships, capstone projects, and research but also some fun social events and celebrations of their hard work over the last couple of years.

Events will be hosted and funded by different groups (school, students, PPO, Class of 2024 Parents, Academy Groups, and special committees like for "Project Graduation."

Please take a look at what is planned for now and let us know if you have questions, are interested in volunteering, or have other ideas to share. The more the merrier and we can definitely need all the help we can get.

Information will distributed via various channels. If you want to be more actively engaged, please consider joining the Class of 2024 WhatsApp group. Most announcements will also be shared on this website, the Class of 2024 Facebook page, and through our regular PPO emails.

Senior Events & Fundraisers

Project Graduation Fundraisers

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