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Welcome Class of 2028!

On behalf of Bergen County Academies Parent Partnership Organization (BCAPPO), we welcome you to the BCA community. BCAPPO is a group of parent volunteers comprised of the PPO Board, Class Parents, and parent groups of the seven academies. We work with BCA administrators, teachers, and staff to benefit and support our school, families, and students.

Since tuition is free at BCA, the PPO collects a Student Activity Fee (SAF) on behalf of the school so that we can continue our tradition of hosting and subsidizing fun and informative events and club activities that will make your student's experience at BCA truly unique. These events are either educational for students and families or aimed at building community and boosting morale over the course of a demanding school year.

We hope that you will contribute by making a one-time, tax-deductible payment of a $500 Student Activity Fee (SAF). Secure funding will allow us to plan ahead to ensure that we can run events for all four years of your student's time in high school and develop new ideas for improving student life at BCA.

  • Contact an executive board member for info how to claim your tax deduction.

  • You can make annual payments of $140/year if you prefer
    (see membership form)

Pay your student's SAF by 5/18/24 to receive a freeBCA Class of 2028 t-shirt.

The list of annual events that are generally covered or subsidized by SAF (subject to change due to price increases and administration approval) includes:
Senior Year Events
  • Senior Year Book

  • Cap and Gown

  • Senior Breakfast

  • Yearbook Signing Luncheon

  • Graduation Rehearsal Luncheon

  • Senior Award Scholarship & Ceremony

  • Senior Experience Luncheon

  • Graduation Reception

Other Events paid for or subsidized by the PPO
  • College Planning Events

  • College Financial Aid Events

  • College Expo

  • SAT/ACT Practice Exams

  • SAT Prep Info Session

  • Guidance Counselor Meet & Greets

  • PPO Family Picnic

  • PPO International Tasting Dinner

  • Field Day

  • Teacher & Counselor Appreciation Events

  • Welcome Back Breakfast

  • Unsung Heroes Luncheon

  • Student Activities (holiday & Halloween treats, ice pop days, etc.)

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Your PPO Executive Board
Valeryia Avdeev ('24), Piri von Gordon ('24) Julie Chan ('25),
Jin Lewis ('25), Theresa Narvaez ('26), Monica Dhingra ('27)
Feel free to use the link to the right to reach out the PPO Executive Board with any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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