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Who We Are

The Bergen County Academies Parent Partnership Organization (BCA PPO) is non-profit organization run by BCA parent volunteers who work together with BCA administrators, teachers and staff for the benefit and support of our students.

The BCA PPO consists of the PPO Board, Class Parent Groups, members of the seven academies, Parent Specialty Organizations, and a number of committees. Please visit our CONTACT or ACADEMY PPOs pages for more information.

BCAPPO Org Chart

PPO Org Chart 2023-24 - DETAILED.png

What We Do

The PPO sponsors many student events throughout the school year. It also grants PPO Scholarships and assists with the financing of student clubs, activities & programs, and senior events.

The PPO organizes parent information and community building events, maintains the student/family directory, a calendar of events and works on improving student-alumni relations.

What You Can Do

Parent involvement plays an important part in the BCA experience. There are many ways to stay informed and be involved.​​

Sample PPO Events*

  • National Honor Society Induction

  • International Tasting

  • PPO Picnic

  • Family & Faculty Directories

  • SAT / ACT Practice

  • PPO Scholarship Awards Night

  • Annual College Fair

  • Senior Experience

  • Graduation Reception

  • Cap & Gown

  • Class & Club Activities

  • Staff Appreciation Events

  • Competitions

  • Field Day

  • Guest Speakers

* Events can vary from year to year

Volunteer Opportunities

There is plenty of opportunity to participate and contribute, whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay at home. We communicate upcoming volunteer opportunities on a regular basis, but feel to reach out to a board member or email if you are interested in learning more about the possibilities and details or in case you have some cool ideas. Thank you!

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