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SAF Members' Area

Welcome BCA Families

Please take a few minutes to register your family in the SAF family directory. All paid SAF members will have access to this online and mobile SAF directory as well as to the calendar.

Registration Instructions

  1. For new users, please click on the button below to set up your directory account using the same email address that receives your BCA emails.

  2. Login as a returning user and click on "Family Information" to review your family details. If any information is incorrect, please edit online and save.

  3. Under "Directory & Publish Preferences" you may indicate the family information you want to show in the directory.

  4. If you do not wish to have any of your information viewable to other parents, you may opt out by clicking on "Directory & Publish Preferences" and selecting "No".

  5. Your submitted contact information will be used to send communication from the PPO Board as well as class parents and academy chairs.


Register & Login to
SAF Membership Area


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