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Western PA | Ohio Tour - Fall 2018

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University of Pittsburgh

- Junior AVPA Student on the Western Pa,/Ohio College Tour of 2018


"UPitt" seems like a school with students that have huge pride for their school. I could tell that there was a lot of school spirit and support amongst the students. Not only that, but the town of Pittsburgh seems to be a town with so much to do and discover, and it really helps that you can get free public transportation to go anywhere you want. The campus itself I also really big, which probably isn’t the best for you if you want a smaller campus where you don’t have to walk as much. The presenter at our information session stressed that student research does not have to be about STEM topics, which I think is great because there are so many different ways that students can approach research, although it can seem exclusive to STEM.


I would also be interested in applying for Pitt Honors, and I think it would be a good program for people who want to challenge themselves for a higher level of achievement.  The cafeteria has a lot of different food options, and the food is pretty good.


Most importantly, the ice cream is REALLY good.  

Case Western Reserve University

 - Sophomore ATCS student on the Western Pa,/Ohio College Tour of 2018


Case Western Reserve University is a medium-sized school (5,100 students) located in University Circle just outside of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The university offers many opportunities for the students including research, study abroad, and co-op. In addition, there are more than 200 student organizations where students can get involved outside of the classroom. Students are also given free public transportation in the city of Cleveland with their student ID, allowing students to go to the city to visit various places such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or go watch a professional sports game of the Cavaliers, Indians, and Browns. 


Case Western also has a very nice campus, offering many outdoors places to relax as well as great indoor commodities. Walking on campus was very free with little restrictions and students can also use bikes to get around campus. There is also a blue light system on campus for any emergencies students may have. One main building was the library. It is very accessible and offers students different types of workplaces ranging from completely silent workplaces to rentable conference rooms for group projects. Also, the staff and students were very nice to our travel group and the food in the dining hall was very good. 


Overall, Case Western Reserve University is a university for someone looking more into the sciences. The university offers lots of research and has one of the top nursing programs in the nation. It is also a university for someone who hopes to be close to an urban area 

Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

 - Junior AVPA Student on the Western Pa,/Ohio College Tour of 2018.


Entering Carnegie Mellon’s campus, I was surprised by the presence of both a suburban and urban environment around the college itself. I had never been in Pittsburg before, but I immediately knew it would not be difficult to adjust to a college life in the small city. From the tour around Carnegie Mellon, the spirit of the students there impressed me; each person we spoke with seemed passionate about both the school and their own studies.


I also appreciated the design of the buildings, which allowed for collaboration, how I learn best. Coming from a smaller town, I felt that Carnegie Mellon was a good size school for me to quickly adjust to, but some of my friends commented that it limited the opportunity to meet new people. One drawback I find about the school is its science-based curriculum. As someone who does not yet have a specific focus for college yet, I feel that the college might fit best for an individual with a strong aptitude for math and science. Despite this, I still feel that the school offers a unique interdisciplinary program and a variety of opportunities for students of all interests. 

Bucknell University

 - Junior ATCS Student on the Western Pa,/Ohio College Tour of 2018

Bucknell University is a small liberal arts school located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  The school currently has about 3,600 students enrolled in undergraduate programs and less than 100 students enrolled in their graduate programs.  Because their student to faculty ratio is 9:1 and the average class size is only 20, students are able to develop close relationships with their professors and have a very personalized learning environment.  Additionally, 100% of their classes are taught by professors — none by teaching assistants or graduate students. This gives students tons of opportunities to further delve into their education through one on one research programs with their professors.

Overall, Bucknell seems ideal for students who are looking to work closely with professors, attend a smaller school, and get real work experience.  The countless research, co-op, and internships offered enable over 87% of graduating seniors to take part in at least one of these opportunities during their time at Bucknell.  With over 55 majors and 70 minors in nearly every field of study, the school seems to have a great path for anyone in any field of study.

 - Junior AAST Student on the Western Pa,/Ohio College Tour of 2018


Welcome to Bucknell, a small campus in Lewisburg PA. Here, not only will you be living on what is considered the most beautiful campus in America, surrounded by tastefully elegant brick buildings, but you will be receiving a world class education in an environment where class sizes are small and school spirit is high. The school is built on a liberal arts philosophy, meaning that

they want to give you a well-rounded skill set and knowledge base to enter the career field of your choice. This is why your major will be declared in the second semester of your sophomore year(freshman year for engineering). Bucknell is made up of three schools, The College of Arts and Sciences, The College of Engineering, and The Freeman College of Management.


Your first years will include classes from all three schools, but as you move into your junior year they will become more concentrated. Bucknell also has a lot to offer outside of the classroom. They have a fantastic study abroad program with a goal to satisfy all of your study abroad dreams. Bucknell also boasts incredible athletics relative to their size, including a basketball team that regularly competes in the March Madness tournament. Greek life is also prominent, with 60% of students participating. However, you must wait until your sophomore year to join a fraternity or sorority to ensure that your friends are interest based and free for you to choose, rather than fraternity/sorority based and restricted. Overall, Bucknell is a fun and safe

environment that has a lot of opportunities for you to take advantage of as a student. There, you are not just a number, but a valued student who will be cared for in order to ensure success. 


Should you choose Bucknell, you will be in good hands.

Penn State Univeristy

- Sophomore AMST Student on the Western Pa,/Ohio College Tour of 2018


The campus of Penn State is by far the largest one we have visited throughout the college tour. The love each student has for the campus and the community is present throughout the whole vicinity. When walking around, many students were wearing Penn State gear and were so welcoming to us as visitors. Sitting in the admissions room and hearing the presentation, it is clear that all the teachers, students, and alumni are proud to say that they have attended the school. I know many of my friends were frightened by the college’s large size, but trust me when you are on the tour and talking to the students, it feels like a home. I suggest touring the school even if you are skeptical because you never know. I can’t wait to research the school further and see all the things the college has to offer. Also, I encourage all of you to attend a college tour that either the school hosts or go on a tour of the specific ones you are interested in because it really shapes what you ideally want in college. This experience has taught me so much about my future and I cannot wait to see what college has in store!”

Oberlin College

Oberlin College Visit: November 7, 2018

A progressive liberal arts college, Oberlin is unlike most other schools. I visited the campus with other students on November 7 during the Ohio and western Pennsylvania college trip. Kicking off with a tour of the campus followed by an hour long information session, we learned about what sets Oberlin apart from other colleges. With a conservatory of music in addition to a college for the arts and sciences, students are able to double major, triple major, create their own major, or even double degree. Although there is no core curriculum, each major requires 10 classes, and students must complete a total of 32 classes to graduate. The school strongly encourages the students to explore areas outside of their major by requiring them to take classes in each of the following three departments:

  • -  Arts and Humanities

  • -  Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • -  Social Sciences

    The staff at Oberlin believes that by requiring students to take classes in each of the three fields, they will be prepared for future careers due to their well-roundedness. A unique feature of the school is their winter term project. For the entirety of January, it is mandatory for students to participate in some type of focused, independent project of their choosing. Whether it be an internship, research, study abroad, or a goal for personal growth, students work on a project with the approval and sponsorship of a teacher or faculty member. With about 600 students in their conservatory and 600 students involved in science, Oberlin is one of the smaller schools we saw on the trip. Although this size leads to fewer students in each class, and thus closer relationships with professors, I did not think that Oberlin was the right fit for me. While I believe that their winter term project is interesting and similar to the BCA senior internships, I would like to have more structure in my curriculum. The campus is cozy and quaint, and it is especially pretty with the leaves’ changing colors, but I do not think I see myself attending Oberlin in the future.